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Our immediate love and enthusiasm for alpacas has made us start with the first breeding in the year 2005. In the beginning, we kept our Huacayas on a small leasehold farm in Velbert-Langenberg. What had started with a vision has developed into a real heart project. Surrounded by lush green meadows and tall, sturdy trees, we are now living with our animals on the centuries-old farmstead Gut Aldenhövel, situated right at the gates of Münster. Almost 100 alpacas enjoy their open stable husbandry on eight hectares of pasture.

Abolengo de Alpaca – farm life with alpacas

With all our hearts and deep passion, we have been breeding alpacas since 2005. We are sharing our farm and our lives with these impressive animals. Because of them, we have numerous friendships and great business partners who support our alpaca breeding with commitment from all over the world. For us, the South American Andes – the area of origin of alpacas – are especially important. We are supporting many social projects in Peru, and throughout the years, we have met great people and created beautiful products.

We attach great importance to health, well-being, as well as to the quality of our herd of about 100 alpacas. The extraordinary fleece is mainly processed into alpaca quilted duvets. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we only use the finest, cleanest alpaca fleece. We promise a fantastic bedding climate.

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Abolengo de Alpaca – alpacas from all over the world

On our farm, we keep alpacas with well-known pedigrees from internationally recognized breeds. Our mares come from Peru and other parts of South America as well as from valuable breeds in the Netherlands, the UK, and Switzerland.

In recent years, we have also given a home on our farm to alpacas coming from Chile. Furthermore, our herd disposes of a diverse gene pool. One might say they are multiculti. As for the breeding, we are not interested in reproduction, but targeted quality improvement and the maintenance of healthy genes.

Alpaca breeding – focusing the animal

Healthy animals require excellent genetics. For this reason, we are committed to first-class premium breeding. Our breeding studs are from all over the world, and our alpaca broodmares are also awarded by the AZVD. We are particularly proud of our gold-prized premium mare Peruvian Dolores, which was awarded the highest score by the Alpaca Breeders Association of Germany – AZVD (Alpaka Zucht Verband Deutschland e.V.) which makes her the best broodmare of the European association.

Excellent genetics are also reflected in our alpaca offspring. Regularly we have animals for sale, and we are pleased about a large number of satisfied customers who are receiving awards with our former alpacas.

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Hand-knitted collection Abolengo Alpaca. Alpaca hats – alpaca headbands – alpaca commission work

Our hand-knitted Abolengo collection, which includes lovely, stylish hats and headbands, has also been brought to life due to ecological considerations. The beautiful hats are made by local knitters, made in Germany, with short transport routes. This way, we are contributing to a reduced CO2 consumption.

The hand-knitted models made in the region are only produced in small quantities. So they have a rarity value. Unique designs are being realized here by ambitioned knitters with all their hearts. These expressive models are not available in conventional stores. Meanwhile, there has grown a small fan community regularly buying the newest and greatest models as soon as they are available. Customers can find a wide range of locally handmade products in our shop.

We can also produce customized models with the desired design from our alpaca yarn. In this case, you should be willing to accept a delivery time of 14 days, as we will create your desired model according to your ideas. Norwegian or hole pattern, plain right – no matter what you wish for, we will make the model of your choice. Choose the alpaca yarn, send us a fitting or measurements, and then you can look forward to the delivery or the pick-up date.

Made in Germany

The popular Abolengo alpaca socks

We have been producing alpaca socks for several years now. From the very beginning, it was essential for us to offer a high-quality sock with a high percentage of alpaca yarn. No wonder that they have become an absolute favorite among our customers, and they are being sold all over Europe. Why not pamper your feet with something outstanding and order a pair of the popular alpaca socks right now?

Alpaca breeding in Münsterland

Since 2005 we have been breeding alpacas with great pleasure and enthusiasm. These lovely, calm, and fascinating animals formerly come from the Andes in South America.

Alpaca farm shop

We offer fair trade accessories and clothing made of alpaca. We maintain very close relations with Peru and Chile. We also enjoy a rather friendly partnership with our breeders and knitters. More than our words, what counts are our deeds. For that reason, we aim to set an example with our actions, and we want to show that a fair economy, where everyone benefits, is possible. We also care about the environment. Therefore, almost all of our alpaca yarns are plant-dyed. In doing so, we have the privilege of benefiting from ancient knowledge and tradition.

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Alpaca beginners seminars

Seminars for anyone: beginners or advanced learners. We offer beginners seminars, taster courses and workshops for advanced learners. Robin Näsemann, the eldest son of the family, is an AOA certified judge for alpaca shows. He judges alpacas worldwide and holds courses and seminars throughout Europe. More information about Robin Näsemann, as well as seminar contents and dates, can be found here.

Our alpaca wool for knitting

Finest alpaca yarns in different needle sizes made from baby alpaca wool. This wool is suitable for knitting hats, gloves, jackets, and much more. Find out more about the benefits of alpaca yarn.


Abolengo de Alpaca – alpaca breeding and most beautiful textiles

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Walk with the ALPACAS • ALPACA HIKING • Taster course

ALPAKA TREKKING • PICNIC in amongst the ALPACAS • time-out in NATURE • alpaca godparenthood • children’s birthday party • company trip • incentive tours. – We take walks in the company of our enchanting alpacas. Surrounded by the beautiful Münsterland. Find out what makes alpacas so special and why you can keep them well in Germany in our introduction. On a short walk in the woods, you will discover your own rhythm of guiding the alpaca and enjoy such an amazing company. Our alpaca taster courses are about 2 hours long. Why participate in an ALPACA taster course?

Because it is very special to take these animals as companions for a walk in nature. From experience, the presence of these animals with their calm nature has a positive effect on humans. This is why they are often called “dolphins of the pasture”.

The processing of alpaca fleece in Germany

Not only do we breed alpacas in Germany, but we also use this high-quality natural material to produce luxury duvets.
Our wide experience, now in the 4th generation, with bedding and its production, gives us the right to claim that our Abolengo bedspread is probably the finest alpaca duvet on the entire market. The price-performance ratio of our duvet is unattainable. We only use the finest alpaca hair for our blanket. Those who know our duvet know to appreciate the differences to other alpaca duvets. The duvets from Abolengo de Alpaca have an excellent temperature balance as they can save heat without causing a heat accumulation while being very light in weight. Because alpaca does not contain lanolin, our blankets are also suitable for allergy sufferers. We only use first quality for our duvets, because the finer the alpaca fleece, the better the positive characteristics of the duvet. Our cover made of high-quality cotton batiste further enhances our duvet, making it an authentic luxury product. Here you can find out more about our duvets.

Alpaca capes & more

The success in our alpaca breeding has inspired us to create our own Abolengo-Alpaca collection. Thus we process in our mattress manufacture in Haan alpaca fleece in our mattresses, which are now in the 4th generation bedding stores of the Näsemann family. You can find the mattresses in all Dorma Vita stores and at Betten Luck. The Abolengo-Alpaca bedding collection is offered by our partners. The collection includes alpaca duvets, alpaca pillows, and alpaca under beds in all sizes and with different filling quantities. Of course, also special sizes for campers, boats, etc. are available. Or maybe for your hut on an alpaca meadow. A cozy alpaca duvet will guarantee an unforgettable night in the cabin on the alpaca meadow.

Through many visits to international trade fairs and trips to Peru, we were able to establish new contacts with Peruvian partners. For several years now, Peruvian manufacturers and small family businesses have been supplying us with first-class, high-quality alpaca products. Meanwhile, we have our own collection and are proud to be able to offer you these beautiful alpaca products. Since production takes place mostly within the framework of social projects, we are delighted to be able to support the ever-friendly people in Peru.

Alpaca especially suitable for allergy sufferers

Formerly, alpacas come from the South American Andes. However, these gentle animals meanwhile are also conquering the European region and are also feeling very comfortable, especially in Germany. These good-natured animals are also used as therapy animals as they transmit their calm and gentle nature to others. Another admirable characteristic of these animals is the fact that they can balance extreme temperature fluctuations mainly using their fleece, which has particularly useful thermal properties. Because of their very fine and smooth hair, the fleece is very climate regulating, meaning that there is no heat build-up nor loss of heat, and it also controls the moisture. Moreover, a great benefit of alpaca hair is that it contains only very little lanolin, i.e., hardly any wool grease, in contrast to sheep’s wool, which means that no dirt particles or bacterial impurities can adhere to it. This is a unique alternative for allergy sufferers in particular, which is also beneficial to your health. Because of these unique properties of the fleece, it is no surprise that we, too, make use of these benefits.

Cuddly blankets and duvets made of alpaca fleece

As this material is climate regulating, breathable, and self-cleaning, it is perfectly suitable for duvets and woolen blankets. Especially blankets made of this fabric are not scratchy and feel pleasantly soft and cuddly on the skin. Duvets and pillows with alpaca filling are just perfect for a pleasant and balanced sleeping climate, as they ensure that you do not sweat nor freeze.

Alpaca duvet

We have been producing our alpaca duvet for several years now. Right after we have started, we realized that for us, only the use of high-quality baby alpaca fleece can be considered. This is because of the better the alpaca fleece, the better, the following properties of the duvet. Therefore we decided to differentiate ourselves from the competitors and to only use the best alpaca fleece. Thus, our duvet cannot be compared with the usual alpaca quilts. You can feel this from the first touch and, most of all, when sleeping under it. The sleeping climate of our duvet is excellent and is without equal.