With all our hearts and deep passion, we have been breeding alpacas since 2005. We are sharing our farm and our lives with these impressive animals. Because of them, we have numerous friendships and great business partners who support our alpaca breeding with commitment from all over the world. For us, the South American Andes – the area of origin of alpacas – are especially important. We are supporting many social projects in Peru, and throughout the years, we have met great people and created beautiful products.

We attach great importance to health, well-being, as well as to the quality of our herd of about 100 alpacas. The extraordinary fleece is mainly processed into alpaca quilted duvets. To differentiate ourselves from our competitors, we only use the finest, cleanest alpaca fleece. We promise a fantastic bedding climate.

DORMA VITA® – specialist bedding stores of family Näsemann

Sleeping promotes good health. Especially when your bedding environment meets the optimal standards. We have been producing bedding/mattresses and marketing them under the brand name DORMA VITA® for four generations. The brand DORMA VITA® was founded with the idea of offering first-class mattresses and bedding at fair prices while treating every customer like a good friend. Today, we run six stores in the region of the Bergisches Land, the Ruhr district, and the Münsterland. In Wuppertal-Elberfeld, we are represented by one of the largest exhibitions. There, you can discover and test anything related to sleeping on almost 1500 square meters.



Show judge Robin Näsemann

The eldest son of Beatrix and Frank is an AOA certified judge for alpaca shows as well as a breeding suitability examiner for the Alpaca Breeders Association of Germany – AZVD (Alpaka Zucht Verband Deutschland e.V.). Since 2006 he has been working for the AZVD as a breed suitability examiner. Robin began his training as a show judge in 2010, and since then, he has judged and ranked several thousand alpacas on over 25 shows.


“What I love the most about my work is the variety offered by the various areas of activity. I work with both animals and people, and I really do like the interaction. To me, a respectful contact is extremely important and I also enjoy developing myself further.”


Abolengo de Alpaca – alpaca breeding and most beautiful textiles

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