Super soft and warm alpaca socks with a perfect fit. These wrinkle-free socks adjust to the foot comfortably without any rubbing of the skin – no chance for blisters or abrasions with these alpaca socks. Also, the cuff is knitted in a way so that it wraps gently around your ankles. These fine alpaca socks are available in beautiful natural tones of brown, grey and natural white.
EU 31-34, 35-38, 39-42 and 43-46
UK 0-2; 3-5.5; 6-9; and 9.5-11.5
US 0.5-2.5; 3.5-6; 6.5-9.5 and 10-12

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We recommend hand washing your favorite socks. However, they are also suited for machine washing (cold – wool washing cycle).
Composition: 80% finest baby alpaca fleece 20% synthetics.

We guarantee warmth, elasticity, and long durability.

One crucial aspect why Abolengo socks are so outstanding is their perfect fit. The anti-wrinkle adjustment to the foot ensures a comfortable fit. The wrinkle-free fit is of great importance because wrinkles increase the risk of friction of the affected skin area during activity. Our perfectly fitting wrinkle-free alpaca socks avoid painful abrasions or blisters providing protection and comfort. Also, the part of the waistband above the ankle is knitted loosely and does not leave any sock marks on your skin.


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