We have an exclusive selection of alpaca studs and mares for sale. Most of them are between one and six years of age and show a variety of colors. You can find a small selection on this page.

Meet the people who live and work here, let our farm philosophy inspire you, and let our alpacas steal your heart. We are committed to reuniting man and nature, offering a pleasant stay for those interested in alpacas and to creating a species-appropriate and dignified living space for alpacas.

The alpacas for sale all are healthy, regularly dewormed, and have flawless characters. We are careful to ensure that only alpacas that harmonize with each other are sold together. Also, no friendships are torn apart.
We do know our animals very well and are confident in finding the right alpaca for you. With pleasure, we welcome you on our farm and are happy to present to you our for-sale animals. Be it an alpaca just for your hobby or a breeding animal, we are at your disposal with our help and advice. We will discuss your goals together and will make the right choice. In this way, we guarantee a successful mediation for humans and animals.

We can send you further information and photos on request. We are happy to assist!

The prices indicated here include already the value-added tax. So, there are no further costs for you. With pleasure, we will also take over the professional delivery of the alpacas to your home. For this, we will charge you the cost (for more considerable distances).



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