We have an exclusive selection of alpaca studs and mares for sale. Most of them are between one and six years of age and show a variety of colors. You can find a small selection on this page.

Meet the people who live and work here, let our farm philosophy inspire you, and let our alpacas steal your heart. We are committed to reuniting man and nature, offering a pleasant stay for those interested in alpacas and to creating a species-appropriate and dignified living space for alpacas.

The alpacas for sale all are healthy, regularly dewormed, and have flawless characters. We are careful to ensure that only alpacas that harmonize with each other are sold together. Also, no friendships are torn apart.
We do know our animals very well and are confident in finding the right alpaca for you. With pleasure, we welcome you on our farm and are happy to present to you our for-sale animals. Be it an alpaca just for your hobby or a breeding animal, we are at your disposal with our help and advice. We will discuss your goals together and will make the right choice. In this way, we guarantee a successful mediation for humans and animals.

We can send you further information and photos on request. We are happy to assist!

The prices indicated here include already the value-added tax. So, there are no further costs for you. With pleasure, we will also take over the professional delivery of the alpacas to your home. For this, we will charge you the cost (for more considerable distances).


ADA Trüffel born June 23, 2019


ADA Raffael Nadal Nickname: Raffa

Raffa was born in 2016, a beige Huacaya stallion and is in stud service this year. He has a perfect physique and a very beautiful head. His mother, one of our foundation mares, is brown – his father is of beige color. His sire is Peruvian Ricardo bred by Jan van den Hoek – an Accoyo Amanda son. He gives a dense fleece with great fleece growth. His mother is ADA Samba, a mare with a flawless physique, great proportions and a beautiful head. Because of the combination of a beige sire and a brown dam, Raffa can be used for almost all colors. Of course Raffa is trained in halter and has been going on walks with us for two years now. He is calm and fits in very well with the herd. He is in our stallion group with 25 other stallions, some of which are also used for breeding (just like himself). Nevertheless the group is harmonious. We can offer Raffa for 4500€ incl. VAT.

ADA Sandmann’s sister born April 10, 2013




ADA Lubaya born August 4, 2019

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to prepare an individual offer. You can reach us at +49 (0)2598-918645 or info@abolengo-alpaka.de.

Huacaya Stute Belinda mit Hengst Cria bei Fuß

Pretty Belinda geb. 01. Mai 2015 und Hengst Cria geb. 13. Mai 2020. Belinda ist im besten Alpaka Alter und hat ein sehr typvolles Hengstcria bei Fuß. Der kleine Hengst heißt Gorbatschow und sein Vater ist AVW Yuma (Tru Highlander Sohn), Er ist jetzt schon sehr ein kleiner Herzensbrecher. Belinda ist eine sehr gute Mutter und passt hervorragend auf ihre Nachkommen aus. Sie hat alle ihre Trias alleine und ohne Probleme bekommen und kümmert sich liebevoll um ihre Crias. Preis für beide Alpakas zusammen 6000,-€


ADA Sam geb. 15. Juni 2019

Sam ist ein Junghengst, den wir uns gut in einer Herde als Deckhengst vorstellen können. Er hat einen ausgesprochen schönen und korrekten Körperbau und sein Vlies ist unglaublich lang und fein. Wie man auf den Bilder sieht hat Sam ein gigantisches Vlieswachstum (11 Monate Vlies auf den Bildern). Sein Vater ist unser Stammhengst AH Peruvian Huascar Inca, welche schon viele erfolgreiche Nachkommen gebracht hat (unter anderem Color Champion). Er fügt sich sehr gut in eine Gruppe ein und ist wie sein Vater ein ruhiger umgängliches Alpaka. Preis: 3500,-€


Sprechen Sie uns gerne an, wir fertigen Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot. Sie erreichen uns unter: 02598-918645 oder info@abolengo-alpaka.de


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