Beginner’s seminar – Robin Näsemann

Sun March 1, 2020 – 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Alpaca basics including lunch/food and useful high-quality seminar materials. (fully booked)

Show judge seminar – Robin Näsemann

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Alpaca seminars

Beginner’s seminar
The beginner’s seminar is aimed at alpaca enthusiasts who would like to start with breeding. This course includes a detailed introduction to alpaca keeping, feeding, and care. Also, the basics of breeding, the importance of the body structure as well as all aspects of alpaca fiber and its evaluation are covered.

For more information please visit the website of Robin Näsemann.

Show judge seminars

This seminar is intended for advanced alpaca breeders or future alpaca breeders. Participants will gain deep insights and a detailed understanding of the alpaca’s body structure, its function and meaning as well as of the significance of anomalies from the norm. In this seminar, anomalies of the physique and the fleece will be addressed, as these can be decisive for the placement in the show ring. Here, it is essential to be familiar with the evaluation criteria, as these are crucial for an animal’s ranking and evaluation.

Furthermore, the fiber structure of the fleece represents an essential module of the seminar. How is it evaluated, and what are the reasons for its evaluation? The discussion concerning fiber is – “hands-on” – as participants get to personally see and analyze different fiber samples from the top animals of world-renown alpaca breeders.

For more information please visit the website of Robin Näsemann.

Alpaca show fleece preparation

“Skirting” refers to the preparation of the alpaca fleece for an alpaca fleece show. It is allowed, and even recommended, to prepare the fleece for the show. In doing so, the cleaning and especially the removal of fiber parts, which make the fleece appear uneven, is crucial. Robin Näsemann offers an extra seminar for this purpose.

Seminars at Abolengo de Alpaca

Most of the seminars are held on the farmstead Gut Aldenhövel at Abolengo de Alpaca in Münsterland. Alternatively, you can organize a workshop on your farm, and AOA show judge Robin Näsemann will come to your farm and hold a seminar according to your needs.


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