Sustainability has been an issue throughout our company for years, and, of course, it is also reflected in our clothing. Our cardigans are made of an excellent alpaca yarn, which is processed in a particular high-quality. We are supporting an ethical production of clothing. We set a high value on the fact that all are treated fairly. The animals, the environment, and the people who are involved in the manufacturing process. No matter if the workers are knitting on the knitting machine or by hand like the hard-working knitters who produce our hand-knitted collection. Interestingly enough, some of the social projects we are supporting in Peru also use hand-knitting machines to produce high-quality garments. Here, the most amazing patterns are created. Every piece is a feast for the eyes over and over again. Real art.

Here you can find alpaca knitwear and cardigans in our shop

Their striking, appealing patterns mainly characterize our alpaca cardigans. Thanks to the beautiful color combinations we obtain expressively, yet daily wearable feel-good cardigans. The different styles allow each of us to wear an excellent alpaca cardigan. Fashionably short tailored, classically waving around the silhouette or elegantly worn as a frock coat. There is something for everyone. For us you mustn’t only get a cardigan that you will fall in love with, that will become your must-have companion, but also to offer you a real piece of sustainability to cuddle in and keep you warm, and consequently to give you the good feeling of having contributed to fair production conditions with your purchase.
If you prefer a long oversized cuddly pullover, this is the right choice for you. Cuddle up and feel good while being fashionable and chic. Worn with thick boots and woolen tights or elegantly with boots or Chelsea boots – it fits. From morning to evening.
This piece will accompany you for a long time and will always be at your side.


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