Alpaca pillows

When we first started breeding alpacas in 2005, it was immediately clear to us, that we would want to combine our expertise in the production of bedding acquired over four generations with the sustainable keeping of alpacas. Out of this thought, our unique alpaca duvet was born – a lightly quilted duvet filled with the finest alpaca fleece wrapped in the best cotton. We are proud of having satisfied over a thousand customers, far beyond the borders of Europe. The concept of combining our bedding heritage with our alpaca breeding does not end with the alpaca duvet. The sleeping climate significantly influences a night of healthy sleep, and this is why we not only use alpaca as a material in our duvets but also in our DORMA VITA® mattresses and toppers. The bedding climate is essential for healthy, balanced sleep. It contributes to a feeling of well-being and ensures a relaxed awakening. We incorporate optimum climate regulation into our products by using purely natural materials such as the valuable, temperature-balancing, anti-allergic alpaca fleece from our breeding in the Münsterland.

Alpaca pillow: On request available with Swiss stone pine and/or natural latex

The correct lying position during sleep is often influenced by the pillow, which should support the neck but still not overstretch the head. This individual position can be achieved with our Swiss stone pine alpaca pillow. On request, the pillow can be filled with super-elastic natural latex sticks for a soft and comfortable lying position. Also, we use valuable Swiss stone pine wood shavings, appreciated for centuries, for the filling. Besides its unique, antibacterial properties, the scent of Swiss stone pine also has a positive effect on the circulation, sleep well-being, and the vegetative nervous system. The improved night recovery with Swiss stone pine wood is associated with a reduced heart rate and an increased vibration of the organism during the day.

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The unique combination of natural latex sticks, alpaca, virgin wool, and Swiss stone pine wood gives our pillows a high degree of bulkiness and offers perfect, temperature-balancing sleeping comfort. The single components of the pillow can be easily removed or added to obtain varying degrees of firmness and different heights. This allows you to adjust the pillow to your personal preferred height and hardness.



We offer the pillow as standard in three sizes, 40 x 40 cm (15.7″ x 15,7″), 40 x 80 cm (15.7″ x 31.5″), and 80 x 80 cm (31.5″ x 31.5″) and with various filling options.


What is natural latex? Natural latex is an extremely flexible material that is derived from the rubber content of the rubber tree’s milk. After mixing it with stabilizers, the material is being baked, and in this way, a stable mass is being produced.

A strong argument in favor of natural latex is its ecological and sustainable production.
Latex is extremely flexible and pressure-resistant and is also characterized by a high degree of point elasticity.


Swiss stone pine

The wood of the rare Swiss stone pine, which grows among others in the Alps at high altitudes, owns undreamt-of qualities. The pleasant scent emanating from the Swiss stone pine has a positive effect on the circulation. It lowers the heart rate and thus helps to achieve greater relaxation. Moreover, Swiss stone pine also positively affects respiration. This is noticeably eased and intensified by the pleasant scent. It should also be mentioned that Swiss stone pine has an antiseptic effect and keeps mites and moths away.



The high-quality alpaca fleece unites all the components needed for a night of healthy sleep. It is perfect for allergy sufferers and provides optimal climate regulation. Also, it has a moisture-repellent effect. We only use baby alpaca fleece of the highest quality for our products, so all these properties come into full effect. Because of the specific temperature and moisture characteristics, our alpaca pillow is ideally suited for people who tend to sweat. It naturally regulates the temperature of the head and prevents heat build-up, which is very common with synthetic fibers or down pillows. Baby alpaca fleece does not imply that it comes from alpaca babies. Instead, animals of good quality maintain the fineness of baby alpaca up to a high age. The term “baby alpaca” is simply a measurement value of how thin, and therefore fine, the selected fleece is.



Our tips to help you find the right pillow

We are now producing pillows in the fourth generation. Our rich experience enables us to offer professional advice. We consider it to be vital that we know how to sleep properly, as well as to know about the causes of spinal diseases, neck and shoulder tensions.

For this purpose, it is undoubtedly not enough to keep a couple of alpacas and to provide a fancy internet presence. We are proud to be able to provide honest and competent sleep consultation. Also, even if it is “just about the pillow”.


Because we produce our pillows in-house, we can design each alpaca pillow individually. We will find the right pillow for you.

Here are some questions that you can answer in advance.

  1. What size should the pillow be? From an ergonomic point of view, we always recommend a so-called half pillow. The pillow is supposed to support the head and neck. Shoulders should never lie on the pillow. Therefore, we recommend the alpaca pillow in size 40/80 cm (15.7″ x 31.5″). Large cushions, so-called “scatter cushions” in size 80/80 cm (31.5″ x 31.5″), are decorative and beautiful. Also, to use them as support for your back to read or for a cozy breakfast in bed, the 80/80 alpaca pillow gives pleasant support. The 40/40 cm (15.7″ x 15.7″) cushion is perfect for taking with you on your journeys. It is also a practical accessory for longer trips by plane or train. The small alpaca pillow is also very popular as a cuddly pillow in addition to the conventional neck support pillow.
  2. Which filling is the right one for me?
    Following fillings are available:

    • 100% pure new wool: Elastic, virgin wool balls provide great and slightly firmer support
    • Pure new wool with Swiss stone pine: Lying sensation of the pure new wool & aromatic relaxing effect of the Swiss stone pine
    • 50% virgin wool and 50% natural latex sticks: Greater elasticity and comfort through natural latex sticks
    • 50% virgin wool and 50% natural latex sticks & Swiss stone pine: Greater elasticity and comfort as well as the aromatic relaxing effect of the Swiss stone pine
    • 100% Swiss stone pine: strong support and aromatic relaxing effect, less elasticity. Due to our unique Swiss stone pine flakes and the quilted alpaca fleece, yet, more elastic than most of the cushions made of 100% Swiss stone pine

We can, of course, fill your pillow even more customized, for example, if you would like to have it filled with down and feathers, send us a short mail: We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Of course, we can also manufacture other sizes on request. Our alpaca pillow is also available in the proportions 50/70 cm (19.7″ x 27.6″) or 40/60 cm (15.7″ x 23.6″). These sizes are more common in France and Italy. Select sizes for caravans, motorhomes, and boats can be customized for you within 14 days.


Did you have a good night’s sleep? Good for those who can answer this question with a clear yes in the morning! For this, you need the right alpaca pillow. There is one thing it is very good at: It supports your head and neck and allows your cervical spine to recover and regenerate.


Feeling good: Freezing or sweating in bed was yesterday. Now, enjoy your healthy sleeping climate and the cuddly alpaca duvet. That’s what our alpaca fleece is good at.

Just relax. At best with our alpaca sleeping system, comprising an alpaca pillow, an alpaca duvet, an alpaca topper, and an alpaca mattress.

The alpaca pillow is your first step to switch off and relax. It is free of harmful substances, metals, and chemicals.

Natural sleeping gives natural confidence: There are not many things in life as close to us as our pillow. So, what could be more obvious than making sure that your alpaca pillow is free of harmful substances or environmental toxins.

Nature is unique. Women and men too! You should also take into account this when choosing your pillow.

We make it easy for you. Take it off, we wash it, put it on. We offer to clean your entire alpaca sleeping system.

The advantages of our virgin wool ball filling – here you can find significant quality differences, too. We only use fine new sheep’s wool from controlled organic animal husbandry, called KBT (German abbreviation for “certified organic husbandry”. New wool is self-cleaning. That is, when the inner pillow is being fluffed from time to time and exposed to fresh air, the filling will clean itself. The pure alpaca fleece quilting enables an excellent bedding climate, as the new wool we are using is particularly fine and characterized by a very high capacity to absorb water vapor. To put it simply: the moisture you perspire mainly through your skin is absorbed particularly quickly and well, and bound for a short time so that it will not affect your sleep.

Being a pure plant fiber, cotton is particularly suitable for people allergic to house dust mites. House dust mites live amongst other things on skin and hair particles. Though pure cotton has a lower capacity for absorbing gaseous moisture than virgin wool and alpaca, it is the first choice for covering fabrics, even and especially for allergy sufferers.

The version with natural latex sticks has the benefit of providing a soft, embedded, and super fluffy lying sensation. This is a distinct improvement in comfort.

The variant, Swiss stone pine, together with latex sticks, is a particular balanced version. Benefits, as described above, plus a relaxing effect. Swiss stone pine has a calming effect on the organism and the vegetative nervous system. As long as it is genuine Swiss stone pine, like the quality we are processing, there are confirmed scientific analyses.

It’s all a matter of the head, and your pillow

The proper support of the head and cervical spine is essential for your well-being. We can help this with our alpaca pillow in a healthy way.

Since our alpaca cushions are so-called “filling cushions”, you can easily remove some of the filling and thus adjust them precisely to your needs. You will get a pillow that fits you perfectly. Our inner cover is made of highly purified cotton to avoid allergies caused by mold, and it is washable at 60 °C/140 °F.

Also, the sleeping position influences the choice of the pillow. Choosing the right alpaca pillow is a decisive factor for your healthy sleep.

Other factors, such as a soft cuddly feel and proper climate regulation, are also of importance. From an orthopedic point of view, a pillow should accommodate the weight of the head and leave the cervical spine in its most natural form. However, since the neck area is a quite small, limited space, a proper, safe and comfortable positioning of the head is often hard to achieve, not least as personal preferences are often counterproductive; for example, such as “my head has to lie high”, or “I crumple my pillow into a lump”. Next, the actual prevailing sleeping position has to be determined. Neck and shoulder pain in the morning, as well as headaches, can be an indication of an incorrect head positioning. The cause of this is the wrong pillow. If you prefer to lie on your stomach, your alpaca pillow should be somewhat flat and thin so that you do not overstretch your cervical spine, which makes your intervertebral discs suffer. If you prefer to lie on your side, the distance between head and shoulder has to be bridged to avoid overextension here as well. For some people, the dorsal position is the preferred position. In this case, a somewhat flatter pillow is the recommendation.

As a specialist bed retailer and bedding manufacturer, we, of course, also offer orthopedic neck support pillows from our Abolengo alpaca bedding collection. If you opt for such a somewhat firmer version of the pillow, you do not need to do without the comfort of the excellent alpaca fleece. With cold foams and viscose foams in particular, which are used for orthopedic core pillows, it is essential to use material as breathable and temperature-regulating as alpaca fleece. These synthetic cores are warmer than those made of sheep’s wool or latex sticks.


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