Beautiful and soft alpaca scarves made of finest baby alpaca wool. You will find an excellent selection of high-quality scarves, stoles, plaids, and blankets in our farm shop in the Münsterland or at our online shop. All of them are super soft and cuddly, of course. We are importing the scarves directly – without any intermediaries – from our manufacturers in Peru. Many of our products are certified as fair trade.

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For warm and cold days

Alpaca is a temperature-regulating fabric that conducts heat and avoids heat build-up. The soft material guarantees deep warmth on cold days as well as pleasant freshness during summer temperatures. We are happy to advise you with any question.

Alpaca socks, hats, gloves

Since we produce alpaca products ourselves and import some of them from Peru, it often happens that the assortment in the farm shop is different from the one at the online shop. So it is worth to pass by and have a look.

Alpaca shawls, stoles, and knitted scarves

Besides our classic alpaca scarves, we also offer, for example, machine-knitted rib-knitted scarves made of 100% most beautiful baby alpaca. This slightly larger scarf is very stretchy due to its unique knitting technique and is ideally suited as a substitution for a sweater on cooler summer evenings. And for those seeking for something extravagant, our scarf made of most beautiful royal baby alpaca might be a perfect choice. For this ultra-fine scarf in the best quality, only the most precious fibers are being used. This fleece is extremely rare worldwide, and we are fortunate to offer you this valuable product.

Quality and variations

Natural quality always proves itself. Soft, comfortable, cozy, almost like a second skin, that’s how our alpaca scarves gently nestle on the skin. They keep you warm on cold days and prevent heat accumulation during warmer temperatures. Because of their wool, alpacas can balance temperature fluctuations from -20 °C to +20 °C (-4 °F to +68 °F) within one day. Hence your alpaca scarf does not only look timelessly modern but is also incredibly functional.


To help you find your favorite scarf, we offer our alpaca products in various sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. Twenty-two different natural tones and numerous shades result in a great offer of variations. You are more than welcome to visit our farm shop or our online shop.

Your constant companion

Our natural scarves are soft, comfortable, and cozy, almost like a second skin. The unique hollow fiber of the alpaca fiber keeps you pleasantly warm on colder days and cooler on warmer days. The scarf will only warm you up to an optimal temperature because the hollow fiber prevents heat build-up. This helps the alpacas living in the Andes to balance temperature fluctuations from -20 °C to +20 °C (-4 °F to +68 °F) within a day. Thanks to the almost endless amount of natural colors of the alpacas, the right scarf for every outfit can be found for sure.


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