Alpaca soap – natural creatine soap

Soothing, scented natural soap made of creatine from alpaca hair

Alpacas in the soap? No worries – for our alpaca soap, we are only using alpaca fleece, the soft hair of the alpacas. Alpaca fleece is rich in proteins and keratins, which makes the soap foamy and form-retaining. The “fiber of the gods” is liquefied into lye and then added to the soap slime. The benefit of the alpaca soap lies in the reduction of fats that are needed for foam and firmness and in adding more nourishing oils such as olive oil, rice germ oil, shea butter, thistle or jojoba oil instead. For this reason, soaps with alpaca fleece are very mild and caring. Our handmade natural soaps are produced in a gentle saponification process with much care. Each alpaca soap is unique and it is further refined with natural ingredients. Convince yourself by its pleasant scents and unique care. You can get our soaps in our farm shops, at Dorma Vita or at our online shop. Click here for prices and variations.



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