Alpaca soap – natural keratin soap

Soothing, scented natural soap made of creatine from alpaca hair

Alpacas in the soap? No worries – for our alpaca soap, we are only using alpaca fleece, the soft hair of the alpacas. Alpaca fleece is rich in proteins and keratins, which makes the soap foamy and form-retaining. The “fiber of the gods” is liquefied into lye and then added to the soap slime. The benefit of the alpaca soap lies in the reduction of fats that are needed for foam and firmness and in adding more nourishing oils such as olive oil, rice germ oil, shea butter, thistle or jojoba oil instead. For this reason, soaps with alpaca fleece are very mild and caring. Our handmade natural soaps are produced in a gentle saponification process with much care. Each alpaca soap is unique and it is further refined with natural ingredients. Convince yourself by its pleasant scents and unique care. You can get our soaps in our farm shops, at Dorma Vita or at our online shop. Click here for prices and variations.

Alpaca is not only a wool that gives your skin a desirable feeling of well-being – when processed into soap, the “fiber of the gods” cleans with a velvety softness and provides intensive care. For this reason, a high proportion of alpaca fleece from our own animals is used in the production of our natural soap. More specifically, we make use of a precious natural component of the alpaca fiber named keratin.

The heart of the alpaca soap: keratin from our farm-owned alpacas

Keratin is a natural protein and one of the most important components of hair, nails, and skin. It has restructuring and regenerative properties and makes skin, hair and nails more resistant and elastic. These special qualities can be found later on in our alpaca soap. The content of natural keratin is particularly high in alpaca fleece and is retained during the saponification process. During production, the keratin is extracted from the alpaca fiber through a special process and then added to the saponification process. During saponification, the keratin gives shape and provides the alpaca soap with nourishing characteristics. Keratin makes the skin soft and smooth – it nourishes and protects in a natural way. The nurturing, conditioning and repairing qualities of keratin are beneficial to our soap – and to your skin!

Organic vegetable oils, cold pressed and untreated

Our hand-made natural soaps are enriched with cold-pressed, skin-caring organic oils such as olive oil, rice germ oil, coconut oil, thistle or jojoba oil and shea butter of highest quality. The individual recipes for our soaps are based on the needs of the skin. Rich vegetable oils of best quality from organic agriculture provide the skin with immediate moisture for a velvety soft feeling.

Beneficial extracts of plants and herbs from controlled organic cultivation

Proven herbs, such as lavender, and powerful medicinal plants, such as marigold, from controlled organic cultivation are used to our alpaca soaps, resulting in soothing, fragrant soaps. We give our organic soaps special notes of aromatic fruits, Swiss stone pine or honey. The aromatic scent and the silky soft sensation pamper your senses, while the raw ingredients are first class. Precious, natural treasures of organic quality combine with the fine fleece of our “Alpis”.

The soap-making process: gentle, traditional and lovingly hand-made

Our alpaca soaps are produced by hand and with much love in a small soap company in Germany. For the manufacture of our natural hand-made soaps, the semi-boiled process is used. In doing so, we fall back on the long and rich traditional soap-making process with its particularly valuable benefits. With the traditional and gentle cold process, all the valuable ingredients are preserved and can be absorbed by the skin and body. Our natural hand-made soaps are gently heated at low temperatures to preserve all the precious original ingredients and the effects from the heat-sensitive raw materials that give them their caring properties. Thus, in addition to cleansing the skin, our alpaca soaps provide healthy, intensive care.

Natural Glycerin

In addition to preserving valuable vitamins and minerals, the traditional boiling process also has the advantage that the glycerin, naturally contained in the raw materials, is also preserved. Natural glycerin is particularly hydrating; it enhances skin elasticity and protects the skin. As it is particularly effective and therefore valuable, natural glycerin in industrial soap production is often filtered out, used elsewhere for cosmetic purposes and replaced by synthetic glycerin. Our natural alpaca soaps retain their high content of natural glycerin, which protects the skin from dehydration, and they are completely free from synthetic additives.

Free of synthetic additives

Our alpaca soaps are produced completely without chemical ingredients. We consider it a matter of principle not to use any unhealthy artificial additives or environmentally harmful chemicals such as palm oil, petroleum, silicones, parabens, microplastics, softeners, dyes and fragrances – out of conviction and out of love for nature.

Natural and sustainable

Our soaps are 100% natural and organic certified. All the basic raw materials used are of natural origin and are precisely specified. Respectful transparency towards our customers is a matter of heart for us. With us, you will not have to worry about hidden INCIs. Our products are 100% pure and natural, since we believe this is simply the best.

Skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers

Thanks to the absence of artificial additives, our natural soaps are particularly skin-friendly and suitable for all skin types. Since our products are rich in beneficial natural ingredients, people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, in particular, benefit from the outstanding properties and rich care of our alpaca soaps.

Being a bar soap, our natural soap offers many advantages in care and sustainability:

Alkaline balm

Our certified organic natural soaps are alkaline and therefore have the ideal pH value for the skin. Our soap bars are particularly mild and gentle to the skin, as they are highly moisturizing. Our shape-retaining alpaca soap is a gentle, lipid replenishing detergent.

Without preservatives

We do not need any additives for the conservation of our alpaca soap bars. They are particularly skin-friendly – good for the skin and good for the environment.

Easy dosage

Our natural soaps are high in cleaning power and efficiency as well as economical in consumption. They foam phenomenally and have a nice creamy consistency.

Environmentally friendly

Our shape-retaining alpaca soap consists of 100% natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable. After all, we do not use any chemical additives that pollute the environment in the production of our organic soap. As a soap bar, our natural soap comes without plastic packaging. We offer genuine pieces of soap instead of tons of garbage!

Social responsibility and careful treatment of natural resources are very close to our heart.


Our alpaca soap is wrapped without plastic in a pretty soap bag, and our Abolengo alpaca soap comes in an attractive paper packaging, making a fancy small present. 


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