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We have now been owning alpacas for more than 15 years, and since that time, we have continued to expand and improve our assortment of alpaca stuffed animals, and we have designed our own stuffed animals. We offer our plush toys made of alpaca as well as made of synthetic material. Our stuffed animals are perfect as a gift for alpaca fans or simply to be fond of by yourself. They are great for cuddling or as decoration. Through the many years in which we have had our herd of about 100 alpacas, we have become more and more fond of these cute animals, which is why we wanted to create stuffed animals that would be just as cute as our real ones.

Alpaca plush toy Delilah & Dacapo 29€



Dacapo and Delilah, the beautiful stuffed animal alpacas from Abolengo.

Dacapo, our most popular stud with his huge saucer eyes and graceful gait, casts a spell over everyone. Our Abolengo alpaca plush toy is designed following our stud ADA Dacapo. Our white alpaca soft toy represents our beautiful Peruvian elite broodmare, Delilah. Smart tailors have created a cutting pattern for our hard-working seamstresses (mostly carried out within social projects) based on photos of Dacapo and Delilah. We are very proud of our alpaca stuffed animals – one of the most beautiful ones in the alpaca market.

We like to thank everyone involved. We are also glad to be able to offer Delilah and Dacapo at such a reasonable price. So everyone who desires such a wonderfully soft alpaca can afford it.

Dacapo and Delilah are impressively 31 cm (12.2″) tall. They are handmade with the sewing machine using a very cuddly soft quality plush. Their stuffed interior is made of synthetic filling material. Practically, our cuddly alpaca toys are washable at 30 °C/86 °F. The color is natural white, like most of the almost 100 alpaca companions from Delilah and Dacapo on the Abolengo pasture, as well as champagne, also called light fawn or light beige.
Dacapo and Delilah may be placed on the windowsill as decoration – they are very decorative. Some alpaca plush toy owners have them living on the sofa or even in bed. Many children love Dacapo and take him to bed with them regularly. The alpaca plush toys love to be cuddled and petted. With Delilah, cuddle time is on the program. Together with your Abolengo alpaca soft toy, you or your beloved ones may daydream of alpaca adventures or alpaca hikes across colorful fields and meadows. Playing the role of Delilah is great fun, and there are no limits to fantasy. Why not keep a small herd of alpaca stuffed animals? The Abolengo alpaca plush toys are the perfect gift for all alpaca fans, alpaca breeders, or alpaca lovers. They also make a good mascot in the car. Alpaca stuffed animals from Abolengo are a must-have for every alpaca person. Delilah and Dacapo are looking forward to a new home.

When we recommend the alpaca plush toy for your child, we do so with a clear conscience.

All of the Abolengo alpaca stuffed animals that we have produced and sell meet the highest standards in terms of quality, material, and safety. We ourselves set this standard above all the prescribed controls.

Cuddle alpaca plush toy 19€


The charming, cuddly alpacas are created to be very true to the original ones. Even though they are knitted by hand, they look very close to the real alpacas. The Peruvian women producing our alpaca stuffed animals love the alpacas and the knitting. This is mirrored in the faces of the cuddly alpacas. All of them different, yet all of them share a friendly smile. The little positive “alpis” are just as popular with small children as with adults. Who does not like cuddling?! The cheerful-looking alpacas can be washed at 30 °C/86 °F in the wool wash cycle. They are made of undyed alpaca yarn. The great variety of natural colors enables you to create a mixed herd. Place the alpacas on a shelf and enjoy their appearance or let your child’s imagination run wild when becoming the owner of a small alpaca farm. There are no limits to creativity when playing with the cuddly alpacas. They are very robust and long-lasting.
Available while stock last.
The alpacas are upright and have a proud size of 19 cm (7.5″).

Alpaca plush toy in brown and white 109€

Alpaca plush toy made of alpaca 34€



Alpaca cuddly toy Emma & Jack 39€



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