Alpakaglück from Abolengo for your plants

Our professional alpaca fertilizer is now available at our online shop and in our farm shop. Through the drying and grinding of our alpaca excrements, we gain a high-quality fertilizer.


Alpakaglück from Abolengo is a high-quality professional fertilizer containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth. The unique characteristic of our natural fertilizer is the balanced proportion and the high content of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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Nitrogen is a component of the plant DNA, and it is essential for the formation of proteins within the plant. A steady supply of nitrogen is vital for the plant’s ability to produce new flowers, shoots, and fruits.

The second macronutrient, phosphate, plays an essential role in energy transport and metabolic processes within the plant organism. Phosphate is a building element of the cell wall and helps to enhance the cell function as well as to improve resistance to both disease and frost. 

The third essential macronutrient, which is necessary for healthy plant growth, is potassium. Potassium is involved in the critical processes in the water balance. Potassium functions as a salt within the plant cells and regulates water absorption and frost hardness.



Indeed, other excrements of animals also contain these nutrients, but in a different ratio. Horse dung, for instance, has a relatively high content of phosphate. The content of potassium and nitrogen is significantly lower. The specific feature of Alpakaglück is that all of the essential nutrients are contained in about equal proportions.

A small experiment that we do not want to hold back from you, as it convinced us of the effectiveness of the organic fertilizer. We bought three small calendula plants in the garden center. Two of them were fertilized with a small amount of our alpaca fertilizer every three weeks. One plant was left unfertilized. All plants were regularly and equally supplied with water. After only two weeks of our testing period, we were very impressed by the result: The plants supplied with the biological fertilizer show a significantly larger and fuller flowering. The plant stem is undeniably stronger and more stable. Furthermore, the leaf growth of the fertilized plants is remarkably more intensive and denser. Also, they are overall grown higher. Let us demonstrate the effect of our organic NPK-fertilizer and take a look at the photo series we took during the experiment.





We are currently having a sample of our Alpakaglück examined for its precise nutritional values. The results will be announced here shortly.

To us, it is essential to feed our alpacas with a balanced diet. Of course, the meadows on which the alpacas are grazing are not treated in any way. In addition to the fresh grass, they have organic hay at their disposal all year round. Their food is also enhanced with minerals.

Alpacas have a tripartite, beneficial digestive system. Consequently, the alpaca dung (Alpakaglück) does not contain any seeds of foreign plants or weeds.

Another special and very positive characteristic is the neutral odor of dried Alpakaglück. Thus our organic alpaca fertilizer can also be used for plants on balconies or terraces without hesitation.

We collect the Alpakaglück directly from the pasture and dry it gently. For a better usage, we grind it to obtain a fine powder.
The natural fertilizer consists of 100% Alpakaglück and is a natural, regional product.

Alpakaglück is versatile in its use. From our own experience, we can recommend this ecological fertilizer for all vegetable plants (tomatoes, potatoes, zucchinis, and peppers), roses, orchids, and all other flowering plants (hydrangeas, geraniums).


A regular steady supply of nutrients is especially crucial for potted and tubbed plants. As the soil quickly becomes depleted of nutrients, the plants will show signs of deficiency. Here a small amount of Alpakaglück will help. It contains all the essential nutrients in a balanced proportion, which provides the plant with an optimum supply and ensures well-proportioned plant growth.

We recommend to water the plant before fertilizing and to spread the Alpakaglück evenly on the soil afterward. Doing so, the nutrients will be released gradually and can be optimally absorbed by the roots. As the nutritional content is very high, even a small amount of Alpakaglück will show significant effects.

For pot sizes, up to 20 cm (7.9″), we recommend a heaped tip of the enclosed measuring stick. For pots over 20 cm (7.9″) in height, please add 1.5-2 heaped tips. The plant should be fertilized once every 2-4 weeks, depending on its needs. 

Please store the fertilizer in a dry place out of children’s and pet’s reach and do not inhale it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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