From early childhood, our world has revolved around horses.

As a successful alpaca breeding family known beyond the borders of Germany and Europe, we have now also been breeding sport horses for years, and this with great success. For us, it is a passion. 50 years of experience, excellent broodmares, and a considerable dose of gut feeling and heart provide the best potential to breed first-class horses at the top level.

Our philosophy of alpaca breeding is reflected in our horse breeding. We select only first-class stallions that are strong in character, correct, healthy, and have been performance tested for our precious broodmares.

A superb character is of great importance. Willingness to perform, sociability, affinity to people, health and beauty, are essential not only for sports and leisure horses. Also, in high-performance sport, these qualities, along with the rideability, constitute critical basic requirements.

After a careful adaptation, we attach great importance to a professional but caring foal school. That is reflected in all our horses. From day 3 on they get accustomed to the daily contact with humans. Our 3-month-old foals have the best prerequisites to be significant one day. It goes without saying that our youngsters are being haltered, led, washed, groomed, etc., so that they already got used to everything before they are gently ridden and longed at the age of three years. All weaning regularly go for walks with us in the woods and along the fields. Our horses are family members who grow up with us with care so that they are well-behaved when they leave our farm.

We keep our animals in well-aired, bright, spacious running boxes with direct access to the pastures. Three times a day, we feed first-class organic hay and finest oats, which we obtain from the Bergisches Land. Lucerne, carob, pea flakes, carrots, and apples together with individual mineral feed, complete the high-quality nutrition. As a matter of principle, we do not feed any ready-made muesli or even pellets.

If you are interested in a beautiful, high-performing foal or youngster or a winning show horse, just visit us by prior appointment at our 200-year-old farmstead Gut Aldenhövel in Münsterland. We are looking forward to your visit. Thank you very much!

Please feel free to contact us also in your native language.

Sissy von Senden – an extraordinary sports horse for highest demands

We are now offering this extraordinary competitive athlete for sale.
Sissy is a completely healthy, unconsumed, great show jumper at first hand. She descends from our small but beautiful sport horse breeding. We acquired her mother, association premium mare Romy in foal with Sissy in 2009. Sissy was born in 2010 with us, she lived in our herd and was carefully, and with great attention to her nutrition, prepared on the highest level for high-performance sport.
At the age of four, we put Sissy in professional riding with Niklas Braun. Now Sissy is in her fifth year and is professionally trained and used by him with heart and mind. She is in full training and immediately ready for action. Sissy is a very chic stallion type performance horse.
If you are looking for a reliable horse that jumps all the time and everywhere, Sissy is a dream horse for every jumping competition. She has already sprung 140 cm (fences 4’7″ in height) at international level.
She has won several M level tests and placed several advanced S level tests..
Also, Sissy is suited for an ambitious comeback to the jumping sport. There is the possibility to get lessons, support, and riding by her rider Niklas Braun.

Sissy is also attractive as an elite broodmare due to her impressive pedigree, her correct build, and her incredibly positive, strong character.

We are expecting a horse-friendly and responsible new home. Price according to quality on request.

Information about Sissy on Rimondo




born: March 26, 2010

Suri currently has a colt by foot, from Background by Becks.

She has successfully participated in young horse tests and is highly placed.

Suri has an excellent character and is very healthy.

Price according to quality.









BOOTSMANN N – a radiant horse in a class of its own with a top pedigree


Long-legged, great looking colt. Very chic with the famous chocolate chestnut color. Three equally good basic gaits (qualification Lienen 8 and 8.5 marks).

Bootsmann N likes to walk on the halter and is safe when showering, tethering, and scraping out hooves. He is familiar with tractors, children, and dogs. He is used to driving in a trailer and is relaxed at the blacksmith. His pedigree is phenomenal.
His mother, state premium mare SURI. Four state premium mares in a row on the dam’s side. Highly placed at the riding horse test, she already had three excellent foals (two mares 2 and 1 year old, are at home here with us). Her colt has been sold to a stallion breeder in the USA.
With his sire, HBS Background, the beautiful new hope from Becks, he unites the most excellent pedigrees, which promise a young dressage stallion of the most superior quality. Bootsmann N knows how to convince already today with his charm and his expression. We are selling him into responsible, good hands and wish for Bootsmann N a horse-friendly, beautiful home. Price according to quality. Place the above price.

QUINOA N – a winning young mare (final ring in Lienen)

This beautiful mare, standing high in blood, born in 2017, requires no explanation. Her marks in Lienen in the final ring, type, and presentation 3 x 9.5 say it all. The exceptional mare impresses at first sight. To mention in particular, the outstanding step of this daughter of QUANTENSPRUNG.
Now one year old, she has turned into a friendly little lady. She knows the few rules of behavior and can, as a three-year-old, be ridden and longed without problems.
Quinoa descends from our CAPRIMOND x LAURIES CRUSADER association premium mare LUNA N. She, in turn, comes from a very successful broodmare line. Her dam is the state premium mare Lilly.
We give Quinoa into competent, responsible hands. Price on request.



BORSALINA N – a young mare with potential for the big arena


BIENENKÖNIGIN N – a filly, which one could not paint more beautiful
Exquisite, long-legged filly out of our LUNA N (her foal from last year was in the final ring in Lienen). LUNA N herself is victorious and high placed in tests for young riding horses up to L-level dressage.
The sweet Bienenkönigin has inherited the correct conformation and the priceless, great character from her dam. She is attentive and very people-oriented. She is familiar with grooming, showering, walking, trailer rides, and with the blacksmith. A tumultuous farm life, tractors, children, and dogs are familiar to her. She possesses three outstanding basic gaits and will undoubtedly become a magnificent dressage horse with a lot of breeding potential.
Her sire, the beautiful HBS Background from Becks, currently successful in young stallion tests with 9er marks, has passed on to her, among other things, the beautiful color.
The Bienenkönigin is a dream for every breeder and people with a good sense of horses. We wish for this hearty foal a responsible person who will continue to raise and ideally train her with love. Price according to quality – place above price.


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