Internship on the alpaca farm

We can offer an internship at our alpaca and horse farm in Lüdinghausen near Münster. Are you interested in working with animals, do you enjoy being in nature, and sustainability and animal protection issues are not foreign to you? The offered internship position is very versatile and includes the care of alpacas/horses and stables, as well as the sale of alpacas and fine alpaca products. Seminars beginning from the taster course up to the fleece seminar can, of course, be attended for free. Assistance with children’s birthday parties and guided tours as well as visits to alpaca shows and mare and foal shows etc. are desired. We offer you a comfortable, fully furnished apartment and the opportunity to ride our horses.

If you are interested in learning new skills in a pleasant atmosphere and getting involved on a beautiful farm, please contact us. Following the internship, we are also happy to offer you a training place. We qualify as a retail salesman/-woman with a focus on alpaca or as a business administrator.

If you have any queries about the training or the internship, we are happy to answer them by phone. Just give us a call. Beatrix Näsemann Tel. +49 (0)172-9740066. Or write us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Experience reports

Kora K. Intern 2017

As part of my teacher training, I am required to complete a 4-week internship in a different subject. Because I have a great interest in animals and especially alpacas, I became aware of Abolengo de Alpaca through the internet and was lucky to get an internship position immediately.

During my internship, I was able to gain many insights into the keeping, care, and breeding of alpacas. I was jointly responsible for the responsibility of the alpacas, which included daily cleaning of the stables and the meadows, and feeding the animals. With the feeding, you have the opportunity to get closer to the alpacas straight away because they are very trustful, and some even eat from the hand. You can make direct contact with the animal during the weekly health check, where it is the task to control each animal individually. This way, you discover that each animal has its own character. So some animals are much more trusting than others.

During my internship, I had the unique opportunity to attend an alpaca seminar. This offers an excellent opportunity to complement one’s practical knowledge and to learn more about the animal itself, its keeping, and, most of all, about the use and processing of its valuable fleece.

The practical training represents a varied experience of physical work, where the contact with the animal is not neglected. One of my most special moments was to lead an alpaca on its halter into its new enclosure.

In addition to the contact with the alpacas, the focus is also on the care of the horses. There too, it is part of the daily task to keep the stables and meadows clean and to feed the horses. For horse lovers, the job of alternately taking the horses onto the horse treadmill is an excellent highlight.

There is one thing that is always present when working on the farm, and that is the contact with the animals. Apart from the alpacas and horses, two cats and three dogs are also living on the farm. At least one of the farm dogs is present at the daily work and asks for a little attention every now and then, which makes the task even more enjoyable.

The working atmosphere on the farm could not have been better, as a trainee, I could not have been welcomed and integrated more friendly, both by the farm owners and employees and by the alpacas, dogs, and horses. During the four weeks that I was allowed to be on the farm, I have learned a lot, both practically and theoretically.

Ilona S., 17 years, student internship in May 2017

“I really liked it there, not least because the people there are all very nice, friendly and courteous. I can truly recommend an internship on this farm to anyone who likes animals.”


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