The reason why everyone should have a pair of alpaca socks:
They are breathable, temperature-regulating, self-cleaning, sustainably produced, and very durable.
You will never have cold or sweaty feet again because the alpaca is capable of storing heat under freezing temperatures, and it releases excess heat when it warms up. This is because alpacas do not have a summer and winter coat, but a fleece. This warms and cools them equally. So, no wonder that our socks are so popular!

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9.90€ Alpaca socks

16€ Your alpaca socks

Feinste Alpakasocken

24.50€ Finest alpaca socks


9.90€ Alpaca socks white-grey


27€ Hiking socks

29€ Abolengo alpaca sports socks

24€ Therapeutic alpaca socks

21€ Ladies alpaca socks

16€ Colorful alpaca socks

9€ Baby socks

A small overview of our alpaca socks

Our classics have a composition of 40% alpaca 30% sheep and 30% polyamide. The socks are slightly thicker, cuddly, and, at the same time, robust. We are offering them in 6 different colors (brown, light grey, grey, natural white, beige-grey, anthracite) and in 4 sizes (EU 35-50/ UK 3-15/ US 3.5-15.5). Since the socks are so well-liked, we have now also made a color combination of grey and white, available in the sizes EU 31-46/ UK 0-11.5/ US 0.5-12. 9.90€

Your alpaca socks:
These socks are a bit softer and finer due to their material blend and can, therefore, also be worn in tighter shoes. However, the roughened inside will still keep you very warm. 42% alpaca 20% viscose 19% wool 4% elastane 15% polyamide/acrylic/polyester. They can be comfortably worn in autumn, spring, and even in winter. We have them available in 6 different colors (dark blue, anthracite, beige, black, light blue, grey) and 3 sizes (EU 35-46/ UK 3-11.5/ US 3.5-12). 16€

Finest alpaca socks (premium):
The high content of baby alpaca of 80% makes this sock incredibly soft and cozy. 10% merino superfine and 10% elastane has been processed on for an excellent hold and durability. The stockings are a bit thicker and especially perfect for colder autumn days or during the winter season. We currently have them available in 3 different colors (brown, light grey, natural white) and 4 sizes (EU 31-46/ UK 0-11.5/ US 0.5-12). 24.50€

Abolengo sports socks: 
Our finest socks as hiking and sports socks. They are reinforced in the important zones, and thanks to their long length, they also keep your calves warm. Size: EU 31-50/ UK 0-15/ US 0.5-15.5. 29€

Luxury cuddly socks: Finally back again! Our luxury cuddly socks made of 100% baby alpaca. Perfect for relaxing on the sofa or as sleeping socks. Double knitted for extra comfort. Several colors and 3 sizes (EU 35-46/ UK 3-11.5/ US 3.5-12) 49€alpaka-socken-babyalpaka

Baby socks

Our alpaca socks are best suited for newborns, babies and toddlers because they are antibacterial and allergen-free. Shoe sizes EU 15-20/ UK baby 0-4/ US baby 0.5-4.5)







Ladies alpaca socks

Our brand-new alpaca socks with fine plait pattern especially for women. The super composition 65% alpaca, 25% organic sheep’s wool, 10% nylon feels incredibly comfortable and at the same time they are a real eye-catcher in natural white or pink.


It’s all in the mix

To take advantage of the various benefits of different materials, we blend the socks with sheep’s wool or elastane, depending on quality and requirements. Thus, the alpaca content of the socks varies from 40% alpaca to 100% baby alpaca.

The ultimate softness

Also, our finest alpaca socks made of 80% baby alpaca, 15% polyacrylic, and 5% polyamide are dreamlike! In every season and any shoe, they fit perfectly to the foot and avoid the annoying smell of sweat as well as overheated or undercooled feet. We are offering these socks in 4 different sizes: EU 31-34, 35-38, 39-42, 43-46/ UK 0-2, 3-5.5, 6-9, 9.5-11.5/ US 0.5-2.5, 3.5-6, 6.5-9.5, 10-12 and in 3 different colors: grey, brown and natural white.

More into a woollier look?

If you prefer a woolier look, you might like our heavyweight knitted alpaca socks. For many years they have been our bestseller, no matter if worn at home on the sofa, in riding boots, on the hunt, in the fields and woods, or when going for a walk to clear your head. In the winter, they are an absolute must-have. Also, here, a unique composition of warming sheep’s wool, thermo-regulating alpaca wool, nylon, and high-quality synthetic fiber ensures perfect hold and high durability. And the best, they can be easily washed in the washing machine at 40 °C/104 °F in the wool washing cycle.

Warm but not too thick?

The “your alpaca socks” have the great benefit of being slightly thinner. This means you can even wear them comfortably in suit shoes. The composition is unique and makes them durable, soft, and cuddly. They are designed to provide a perfect shoe climate without being too thick.

Sofa- bedsocks made of 100% baby alpaca

Double knitted, can be worn on both sides. That is what our cuddly luxury alpaca socks promise. They provide warm feet even on cold days, come in elegant colors, and are, therefore, a real eye-catcher. Feel-good feeling guaranteed in sneakers,

boat shoes, or winter shoes. The socks made of 100% finest baby alpaca also make a lovely gift idea. You can order them directly from us. The best thing is, we support social projects in Peru.

Our alpaca stockings are unbelievably comfortable, wrinkle-free, and can be worn in almost every kind of shoe, even in hiking boots. The reinforcement on the heel, ball of foot and toes contributes to higher durability of our alpaca socks. The soft, absorbing socks will pamper your feet, whether on the sofa or on the move.

Abolengo alpaca sports socks

Enjoy the day on the slopes with the innovative Abolengo alpaca ski socks. The function socks – the highlight of our sports socks made of finest baby alpaca. The very high content of baby alpaca keeps you comfortably warm at cold and even frigid temperatures, but will not make your feet sweat or even feel uncomfortable during lunch break in the well-heated ski hut. The padding on particularly exposed areas helps to reduce pressure points. Abolengo alpaca stockings offer protection while maintaining balanced shoe contact and sound power transmission. Quick heat and temperature regulation, combined with an anatomic fit, guarantee a high level of comfort for a pleasant skiing day. Be careful when skiing.
Available in the color combination blue-orange and in grey in size EU 31-50/ UK 0-15/ US 0.5-15.5).


Trekking, our recommendation: Our finest alpaca socks, our alpaca sports socks or our new hiking socks for even more support.

The alpaca socks offer the best support in every kind of terrain.
The Abolengo alpaca socks provide ultimate comfort for hiking in natural terrain even under warmer weather conditions.

The full padding in the middle offers appropriate protection as well as good shoe contact. A perfect temperature is created, and moisture-wicking is guaranteed. The alpaca sock, premium, provides an ideal fit.

The anatomic Abolengo fit with an extra flat whipped seam for a pressure-free toe gives you a comfortable wearing feeling and lots of fantastic hikes. The reinforced stress zone ensures maximum durability. Nevertheless, we always emphasize that the excellent shoe climate of our Abolengo socks is due to the high content of baby alpaca, and thus their strength can certainly not be compared to a synthetic sock.

Our advice for proper care

Alpaca wool is a particularly fine fiber that requires special care, even though it is very robust, weatherproof, self-cleaning, and dirt-repellent.

Often, airing the alpaca socks is sufficient.

If the socks need to be cleaned, though, they can be washed at 30 °C/86 °F in the wool wash cycle.

When hand washed, please avoid rubbing the socks.

Do not tumble dry your alpaca socks by any means. Do not hang up your socks on the washing line; instead, dry them in a flat position.

Store your cozy socks in a closed place, and make sure that they are protected against moths. Our alpaca soaps and cushions are made with cedar or lavender filling and help to keep moths away in a natural way.

We wish you lots of pleasure!

Abolengo alpaca socks are comfortable, breathable, and provide good surefootedness. Socks are a clothing garment that is wrongly underestimated, as they have to perform essential functions: They are directly involved in preventing blisters on the feet. An optimal fit protects foot, ankles, and toes from friction and injury, movements are cushioned optimally, and moisture is quickly dissipated. Our socks are comfortable and wrinkle-free, and the skin is either being cooled or warmed – depending on the requirements – that is why we are using a high content of alpaca. The perfect hiking socks also enhance the overall wearing comfort of your hiking boots. Our original alpaca socks are reinforced in the heel, ball of the foot, and on the toes, as these are the most stressed zones of the foot when hiking and walking.

The Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks – already a super-class true class

The Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks are high-quality processed, warm, soft alpaca wool socks for your leisure time. These absorbent, soft alpaca wool socks pamper your feet and keep them warm and dry. The extra reinforced heel and toe guarantee for a long alpaca sock life. The thermal properties of these cuddly alpaca socks are genuinely unique. We have blended sheep’s wool and polyacrylic into the Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks. In this way, the Abolengo alpaca cuddly sock is more robust and, at the same time, softer and more elastic. The Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks appear to be self-knitted, and they are available in all sizes from EU 35 to 50/ UK 3-15/ US 3.5-15.5. We have processed five different natural tones. Particularly popular are the colors light grey and natural white. Farmers and hunters prefer the model in anthracite instead.

Tips from Abolengo: Alpaca socks, a little wonder

No garment is mentioned as little as socks. No other clothing is as much subject to stress and strain as socks.
Socks must be able to withstand extreme stress. Depending on the weight of the person wearing them, many kilograms, sometimes more than 100 kg/220 lb, are acting on the socks for many hours. In case they do not fit correctly, the material is exposed to cumulative stress due to permanent friction, heat, and moisture. What other garments would withstand such a strain in the long run?

How do you measure a quality alpaca sock?

All Abolengo alpaca socks have reinforced heels and toes. Those areas are subject to particular stress, as friction and pressure are highest there. The quality of the toe linking is a significant point for us. When not sewn very carefully, pressure points on the toes can occur. Therefore, we pay close attention to the quality of the toe linking, i.e., the sewing of the front toe seam. The seams are sewn very carefully and regularly, avoiding the formation of any bulge. A high-quality stitching can amount up to 1/5 of the production price. Before purchase, you should turn the socks inside out to check how they are finished inside. The heel should be integrated separately when knitting the socks. Following all of these topics, our alpaca socks promise better fit and reduced wear and tear.


The alpaca sock waistband

The waistband is a critical and serious topic for us. It is about both medical needs and personal preferences. We are convinced to have found the optimal sock waistband for our alpaca socks. You can notice the excellent quality by the right balance between pressure and durability. Our soft border combines all this. It exerts as little pressure as possible. Signs of stress on the skin should disappear within 5 minutes after wearing the socks for one day. We have chosen to make our cuffs a bit broader than the standard ones so that the pressure can be spread over a larger area. Also, this prevents annoying slipping. Our alpaca socks are also very suitable for elderly people and diabetics.


It is all about the composition of the alpaca sock

We have been working for a very long time on the perfect composition. The high alpaca content provides a cozy, comfortable, and pleasant feeling in the shoe, always dry. The low containment of polyamide, commonly known as nylon, ensures a longer life for the socks and makes them more durable. The elastane component provides for a perfect fit; the socks remain in permanent shape.

When wearing and washing the alpaca socks, lint will naturally occur. This is only natural, and it is even an indication of good quality. The higher the proportion of baby alpaca, the more sensitive the product. We try to keep the lint to a minimum by processing and finishing the alpaca socks very well.



Colorful alpaca socks

We have also been producing part of our alpaca socks collection in different colors for a while now. That is, the precious baby alpaca fleece is being gently dyed. We have chosen to dye the yarn instead of dying the finished products, as it gives the socks a more beautiful color brilliance. The thread in its original state has a far larger surface area to absorb the color.

You can find out more about the care of alpaca socks on our site.


The small sock ABC – which alpaca sock to wear for what shoe?


Alpaca socks 9.90€

Our classic alpaca socks are very well suited as sofa or bed socks – wonderfully soft, warm basic socks. You can also wear these socks very comfortably in rubber boots and work shoes. Of course, you can use them as slippers as well. In this case, we recommend squirting a few drops of liquid latex under soles and heels. You can get liquid latex in every hardware shop and craft shop. You probably will know that tip from the stopper socks for small children.


Your alpaca socks 16.00€

Your socks, these are so-called business socks for every occasion and for every shoe. Because of the variety of colors we are offering, the alpaca sock can be used always and everywhere. Thanks to their content of synthetics, they are also hard-wearing, yet highly temperature-balancing. No matter if you wear these socks in a heated meeting or if you go out for dinner, after wearing them for several hours of strolling around town. Always a great climate, still the right sock.


Finest alpaca socks 24.50€

The premium sock is a big hit. The finest quality blended with a little content of elastane and polyamide. The wearing comfort is impressive. With these socks, you can hike, ride, ski, or stand on the football field. Or maybe you are going fishing on the weekends, and we have just the right sock for you. Warm feet guaranteed. This alpaca sock, you may also call it a functional sock, is now available also in a royal blue and in a fashionable, intense orange. No trip without this premium sock, on the ship or on the plane for long-distance flights, just perfect. It fits in sports shoes, lace-up shoes, and particularly well in booties and boots.


The hand-knitted sock pure luxury 49€

Luxury for the feet combined with an extra portion chic. This excellent product is knitted for you by hand in Peru. They are made within the framework of social projects. The women earn their living with the knitting work, and they work only under fair conditions. The yarn used for luxury socks is partly spun by hand. These socks are pure wellness for your feet. The alpaca socks are double knitted and two-colored. They can be worn on both sides. Due to the pure baby alpaca quality, however, these socks are not that hard-wearing. Wear them for snuggling on the sofa, in bed, or after your yoga class during relaxation time. Whenever you long for coziness and comfort reach for the luxury alpaca socks. A tip: They make a wonderful gift too.


Alpaca sports socks 29€

The Abolengo sports sock has been developed following our premium socks. The fantastic material has been double knitted in the areas that are most likely to be stressed, such as shin, ankle, and heel. An excellent sports sock for hiking, skiing, ice skating, or for playing football. Wear this funny sports sock whenever you want to be sure to have a pleasant climate in your shoes.


Alpaca insoles 10€

An exceptional highlight of our collection is these insoles. Combined with our alpaca socks, these are the absolute non-plus-ultra. You cannot get a better climate in your shoes.

These felt insoles are our one cause for pride. The hair of the legs and necks of our alpacas is processed into huge felt rolls. Thanks to a small manufactory with an open-minded owner, we get the mats in exactly the thickness we want. We then have the mats cut there immediately into shoe soles in the sizes EU 21-50/ UK kids 5-13; UK unisex 0-15/ US kids 5.5-13.5; US unisex 0.5-15.5. After that, we send the soles for latexing the underside three buildings away (we are pleased about the short trip).
We are so happy that we can use the coarser and uneven fleece from the legs and necks of the alpacas so wonderfully for processing it into such an excellent product. Up until a few years ago, we had no use for this alpaca quality. We only use the first quality material in our alpaca duvets and pillows. One can genuinely feel that. The wool from the neck and legs was piled up in substantial bed sacks. Meanwhile, it is also in short supply. Not only due to the soles. We also use it to produce our soap. But that’s another story.


A tip for the summer. When the socks are out of season, just put the felted insoles in your sneakers and wear the shoes barefoot. They are wonderfully soft, dry, and comfortable all day long.

You can never have enough alpaca socks. Especially when there is such a great variety, the choice is not made easy. They are ranging from the thin business socks “your alpaca socks” over the comfortable premium socks up to the hand-knitted baby alpaca luxury feel-good socks made of untreated baby alpaca yarn. And so, here we are showing all of the things an epicurean can wish for in his comfort zone. But how can our alpaca socks be sustainable? Quite simply. The luxury feel-good sock is knitted by hand from untreated baby alpaca yarn, partly using hand-spun yarn. The people involved in the social activities are paid fairly. Schools and social institutions are supported. The knitting women can make their living for themselves and their children independently. Most of the projects we are working with are located in Lima and the mountains above Arequipa. Fair trade and social responsibility are the least we can do.
The best about our alpaca socks are – from their appearance, you don’t even notice that they are organic, on the contrary: Our socks, which do not appear to be organic at all, even convince with their style factor. But before we keep talking about the quality and comfort of our socks, why don’t you give them a try?

When temperatures fall again and the days become even shorter, the season of autumn is beginning. Have you set yourself any goals for this third season of the year? Do you intend to regularly walk or run outdoors despite the weather, stress at work, and everyday life? Would you like to spend more of your precious leisure time with your dog in the forest, or would you like to finally join the alpaca hike at Abolengo de Alpaca, that your family has wanted for so long? We, family Näsemann at Abolengo de Alpaca, have set ourselves the goal of making socks for everyone – for every occasion and every weather condition. We can offer you a wide range of proven high-quality alpaca socks. We are looking forward to your visit, either at our farm shop on the alpaca farm in the Münsterland or at our alpaca shop on Langeoog or here in our online shop. If you have any queries regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Just give us a call at the alpaca farm in Münsterland. We will be happy to assist you.

Alpaca socks for children
Our popular and proven alpaca socks are now also produced in children’s sizes. The demand for children’s socks made of alpaca has risen considerably over the last time. So we thought, why not produce our popular Abolengo alpaca socks with a high proportion of alpaca also in children’s sizes? We are pleased to offer the cuddly Abolengo alpaca socks now also two-colored and in truly all sizes. Your children can wear the cuddly Abolengo Alpaca socks in rubber boots or in larger shoes just as good as they can be worn as house socks on the sofa. Cozy and comfortable to wear in bed, our Abolengo alpaca socks have been a hit for years now. From young to old, from 5 years to …….. 100 years and more, everyone loves our alpaca socks. You can order these great alpaca socks from now on. Alternatively, you can book an event with us, please have a look at our alpaca events and get a pair of alpaca socks for free. Secure one of the popular places now.
Now also available in natural white with grey in the sizes EU 31-46/ UK 0-11.5/ US 0.5-12. Our finest alpaca socks for 24.50€ are also available in children’s size EU 31-34/ UK kids 0-2/ US kids 0.5-2.5.
For the little ones, we still offer the alpaca socks from EU size 15 (UK baby 0/US baby 0.5) on in different colors. These baby first socks made of baby alpaca with a small content of cotton are a must-have for all babies as they are supposed to feel comfortable in their skin. The optimal foot climate is so essential for well-being. These little alpaca socks available for only 10 Euro are a wonderful present for birth. Have a look under the category “babies and toddlers”.


Horse girls, fishermen, hunters, and hikers watch out: Our Abolengo alpaca socks are now available in a two-colored version. More fashionable than ever. Sensational from size EU 31-50/ UK 0-15/ US 0.5-15.5). The one for all. Our Abolengo alpaca socks in two colors at a sensationally affordable price of 9.90 Euro.

Now autumn is coming fast; the cold and wet season is approaching more quickly than we think. You can already feel it; in the evening, it gets cold, and your feet are the first to freeze. On beautiful autumn days, though, you can still wear your favorite sneakers without socks, comfortable and practical with the Abolengo alpaca insole. 100 percent alpaca ensures a pleasant shoe climate.

Then in the winter, the Abolengo alpaca soles can be worn in the winter boots combined with our cuddly soft alpaca socks. We can guarantee warm and dry feet all day long. We are offering various types of alpaca socks. Just have a look at our shop, and you will find all sorts of alpaca socks and alpaca stockings for every occasion. Also, consider the many opportunities when you may need a cute idea for a gift. Our alpaca socks available in different thicknesses, in all sizes, in a lot of natural colors and many different compositions up to 100% baby alpaca, are just right for every occasion and every person.



Of course, we can customize alpaca stockings of any design, color, or size made of 100% baby alpaca for you. The delivery time is 12 days.

Not to forget our yoga alpaca socks in many different colors and patterns; you can also find them in our online shop, or you can have a look at our farm shop. Beautiful designs, amazing colors, and beyond that such a great foot climate. Every yoga or pilates lesson will end with wonderfully warm feet, thanks to the Abolengo alpaca yoga socks made of 100 percent baby alpaca.

Handmade with Love – alpaca socks hand-knitted

With extraordinary processing and the use of finest alpaca natural fibers, we have given a special touch to such a simple accessory as socks. The hand-knitted socks are made of 100% alpaca (in baby alpaca quality), and they will finally bestow you with warm feet.


Inspire yourself and discover your new favorite pieces. If you wish to have advice, we can assist you by phone or e-mail.


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