These beautiful soft plaids can also be worn as a stole. They are very supple and drape beautifully over the shoulders. The measurements are 130 x 180 cm (51.2″ W x 70.9″ L). Made of 100% baby alpaca, they are incredibly soft and cuddly. You can wear them on your shoulders or use them to cuddle on the sofa; in any way, they a blessing. We offer our alpaca plaids in more than 40 different colors.

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Alpaca plaids and capes



Supporting fair trade for us is a matter truly dear to our hearts. We, therefore, make sure that the products we sell are manufactured under fair trade conditions. We have visited the local production sites, we support the organization PROM Peru, and we only purchase from producers who treat their employees well and pay them appropriately.

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Soft and cuddly blanket

Besides our cuddly alpaca plaids, we also offer a cuddly sofa blanket made of 100% finest baby alpaca. This will turn every sofa into your favorite spot!

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Plaid, what is that actually, and where does the term come from?

The term originates from English, meaning tartan or check, checkered. We all know the woolen blankets and traveling rugs with the tartan check. This is where the term “plaid”, meaning a light traveling rug, a throw, a sofa blanket, or a shawl, has arisen over the last decades. They are woven and today available in many patterns and colors.

They are offered in various materials, from most beautiful royal alpaca, over baby alpaca, cashmere, merino, llama, and camel up to pure synthetic fibers. All of them are termed plaid.

Today, plaids are considered to be a classic in every interior. The variety of colors, patterns, and qualities makes it easy for every interior designer to find the right plaid.

There is hardly any other interior item able to create the coziness that is created by a beautifully draped alpaca plaid.

Our plaids are woven in size extra-long. All Abolengo plaids have a comfort length of 200 cm (78.9″). So it is wonderfully comfortable to snuggle up in one of them on the sofa. Also, when traveling, an alpaca plaid should not be missing. You can use it at any time of day, in any season, in any country and on any occasion. You might need several of them. The alpaca plaids can be gently washed with shampoo in the wool wash cycle at 30 °C/86 °F, slightly spin-dried, and dried lying flat. With one of our plaids, you will have many years of pleasure. A downside: The agony of choice. We offer them in more than 50 different designs and colors. It is not easy for us either, whenever we get the model samples on paper from the designers once a year. But sometimes you need to take more. Again, you are spoilt for choice!

Our plaids are produced sustainably, environmentally friendly, and fair. The merchandise is not transported all over the world. Our plaids are being provided for us in wage employment in a weaving mill in Peru and then shipped to us. We can track the entire production cycle. Again, the welfare of the animals, the protection of the environment as well as humanity during production, is our top priority. You can lie with a good conscience under an alpaca plaid from Abolengo. Once a year, we visit all the manufacturers who work with us in Peru. If we aim to work with a manufacturer, we first visit the production sites to inspect the raw qualities and the holding of origin.

Now, we wish you a lot of joy when choosing, if you still have any queries about this beautiful product, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will get competent answers to all your questions by mail or telephone, in one of our shops or at our farm shop.

Blankets and plaids are a great way to make any space more comfortable. Set new tones in your home with a beautiful alpaca plaid and embellish your sofa or your favorite armchair. A plaid flatters every couch but also used as a bedspread. It adorns the bedroom. It is a visual highlight that is cozy and inviting. No other home textile is as functional as a plaid. It is one of the easiest ways to create a warm and comfortable home. Even armchairs and sofas nearing the end of their service life can be transformed into great new seating furniture thanks to 1 or 2 plaids.


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