Finest alpaca fiber wrapped in the highest quality cotton batiste. The perfect alpaca duvet.

For the filling of our alpaca duvets, we are only using the best baby alpaca quality. This results in a high volume and a long-lasting bulkiness. The ultra-fine alpaca fleece is being straightened gently and evenly by a unique mechanical process. The thermo-regulating properties of the alpaca fleece are owed mainly to the fineness of the alpaca fiber. The fleece is free of coarse granular hairs, which makes the duvet exceptionally soft and cuddly. Only fleece from selected breeding sites, which are under permanent control, is being used. Baby alpaca fleece does not imply that it comes from alpaca babies, it is a benchmark for the wool’s fineness.
Due to the sewn-in quilting and the border seams on the sides, the alpaca fleece is evenly distributed so that the filling will not move.

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The alpaca duvet is available in different variations with varying filling quantities and all sizes. The processed baby alpaca fleece guarantees a unique sleeping climate.


Benefits of our alpaca duvets

  • Our alpaca duvet is particularly temperature-regulating and cuddly because of its finely sorted fleece.
  • We only use the finest baby alpaca fleece and can, therefore, guarantee the very best thermo-regulating properties, which other duvets made of alpaca, natural hair, or down duvets do not possess. We are very proud of this.
  • In addition to the ultra-fine fleece, we use a 150 nm cotton batiste as cover fabric. Only one gram/15.4 gr of this thread is 150 m/164 yd long. As a result, the duvet has an extraordinary lightness, which, in combination with the beautiful baby alpaca fleece, makes for an unmistakable duvet.
  • Alpaca fleece is capable to regulate temperature and is therefore perfectly suited for people who sweat a lot. The dry and cozy sleeping climate of our alpaca duvets is the main reason for our many satisfied customers.
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers and people who sweat a lot. Thanks to the absence of wool grease, alpaca fleece is ideally suited for allergy sufferers, and, also people who suffer from rheumatism can benefit from it.

For best heat balance and air circulation, we recommend our alpaca duvet.

We offer our alpaca duvet with three different filling quantities. However, we can, of course, adapt the blanket 100% to your wishes.


Summer alpaca duvet Perfect for warm summer days. A very light and airy duvet. For those who like it super light and thin.


All-season alpaca duvet A light, cuddly duvet, perfect for all year round for people with a natural temperature sensation.


Winter alpaca duvet A slightly heavier and warmer blanket. For all who prefer it to be a bit warmer, yet do not want to sweat.


Four seasons alpaca duvet It consists of the summer and all-season duvet and can be easily buttoned together. The summer duvet for warmer days, the all-season duvet for autumn and spring, and both buttoned together for the winter season.

The one and only

Our alpaca duvets differ a lot from other duvets. We are now producing duvets in the fourth generation. We, the family Näsemann, can look back on over 100 years of experience and expertise, that we have been incorporated into the production of alpaca duvets and are thus able to give our products a unique quality. We have started our alpaca breeding exclusively because of the processing of the valuable alpaca fleece and are, therefore, an exception throughout Europe. We succeeded to fulfill our desire – to process the precious alpaca fleece by ourselves – already after the very first shearing of our, by then small, alpaca herd. After a while, we found out what the optimum filling quantity, as well as the quality and production method of the ticking, would be. At this point, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have tested our prototypes and thereby significantly contributed to the perfection of our flawless products.

How is the Abolengo alpaca duvet made?

The exceptional quality is made up of many factors. Beginning with the keeping, feeding, and the characteristics of the animals. Our alpacas graze all year round and enjoy their open stables, that protect them from intense sunlight, heat, or long-lasting humidity. The pastures are natural, and the hay we are feeding on is from our meadows and from an organic farm certified by Bioland (largest organic food association in Germany) in our neighborhood. To obtain high-quality natural fibers, it is essential to keep the animals away from manure-fed fields and fodder hay. These often contain a lot of chemicals and antibiotics, which affect the health of the animals and, therefore, also the quality of the fleece. Our alpaca duvet is free of harmful substances and allergens.

Enjoy the thermo-regulating properties of our duvets, which make your sleep healthier and more comfortable. Our alpaca duvets unite the lightness of a down duvet, the allergen-free quality of a synthetic duvet, and the natural hair of the cashmere duvet with a clear conscience. This is because our soft and cuddly alpaca duvets are sustainably produced; they guarantee animal welfare, they support social commitment, and they create a true feeling of luxury on your skin.

A very fine ticking covers the fine alpaca fleece. Here, we are using the finest, premium cotton. For the ticking, we choose the finest, long stapled, and high-quality organic cotton. Lightness, softness, and snugness are captivating. The precious fabric is, of course, matched to the high-quality alpaca fleece filling. The finer the alpaca fleece, the finer the ticking will have to be. The result is the fantastic luxury alpaca duvet.

Every single alpaca duvet is handmade for us by a small manufacturer in wage employment. Our experience allows us to claim that it is probably the best alpaca duvet on the market. This is confirmed by many alpaca breeders, alpaca judges, and bedding industrialists. The most significant confirmation, though, comes from our customers every day. The duvet is recommended again and again and has become a daily part of our bedding shops. This recognition makes us happy and proud of being able to market such a good product worldwide. Our thanks goes to the alpacas.

A naturally good night’s sleep

Family Näsemann has now been running specialist bed shops for more than 100 years. Always on the lookout for perfect products for our customers, we have more and more decided to manufacture our products by ourselves to meet our quality requirements. This was also the case for our alpaca duvet. You can find many alpaca duvets on the market. But none of them came close to satisfying us. So, we decided to apply our years of experience to create a new, perfect product by ourselves. Our essential attitude is as simple as it is effective: Only by using exclusive materials of highest quality, we can create a valuable product. That is why we only process soft, clean, finest alpaca fleece, which is, in our opinion, absolutely unrivaled. The optimal thermoregulation of the duvet provides a fantastic feeling while sleeping. Once you have slept under our excellent alpaca duvet, it is hard to do without it again. Simply indescribable!

Alpaca pillows

For optimal thermoregulation for the head, we offer, of course, also our alpaca pillows, quilted with the finest alpaca. We fill our pillows with pure new sheep’s wool balls, to provide excellent, long-lasting support for the head. Of course, you can have your cuddly pillow created according to your wishes. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sleeping climate

Probably the most crucial aspect of a duvet is the sleeping climate it provides. Even the finest down duvet may cause an undesirable sleeping atmosphere. Of course, for some customers, a down duvet may be the right choice. This is the case for people who prefer a very warm sleeping climate; a down duvet favors that due to its excellent heat storage capacity. For this reason, we are also offering down duvets and other duvets in our Dorma Vita® bed shops for over 100 years.

However, for “normal sleepers”, this excellent heat storage can easily lead to heat accumulation. Our alpaca duvets, on the other hand, prevent heat build-up and can regulate outer and inner temperature easily utilizing the unique hollow fiber of the alpaca fleece. The higher the quality of the used fleece, the more pronounced is this effect. For this reason, we only use the finest fleece quality for the filling. Also, our duvets have an extra-fine cotton cover, which further enhances their quality. Of course, we do also offer our alpaca duvets with an organic cotton cover. The cotton is from 100% controlled organic cultivation.

Alpaca Topper

The perfect companion!

Are you feeling that your mattress is too warm or does not offer a good sleeping climate? We have the solution! In addition to our alpaca duvets we also offer alpaca toppers. These offer an excellent sleeping climate from the bottom.

Summer feelings

Especially for the summertime, many people are looking for a light and breathable duvet. Then our alpaca blanket is just the right thing. You can either opt for the all-season duvet or, in case you prefer a little thinner one, then our summer duvet is the right choice. The fantastic light feeling of the alpaca blanket is much more comfortable than that of cotton or even a silk duvet.

Alpaca organic duvet

Of course, we can also offer our alpaca blanket with an organic cotton cover. Now, however, there is no European weaving mill that produces a certified organic cotton cover that can compete in quality with our fine cotton cover. As we know the exact origin and production process of our cotton thread, we do prefer the finer quality. However, we are happy to offer you also an organic cotton cover at any time with a delivery time of approx. 3-4 weeks.

Insights into our alpaca breeding and our farm.

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