Vicunas (vicuñas), coming from the Andes in South America, is the non-domesticated wild form of the alpaca species. The alpaca (vicuña-paco) originates from the vicunas. What is unique about these wild animals living in the wild is their very fine hair. The fiber of the vicunas is one of the thinnest and softest natural hair in the world. Since there are only about 150,000 vicunas worldwide, the wool is very sought after. Up until the 70ies the small new world camels were often shot for their precious fleece. Today they are protected, and vicuna products are always certified. Once every two years, these relatives of the llamas and alpacas are being shorn. Often this is part of a ceremony called Chaccu, where the free-ranging animals are herded in the high valleys of the Andes. After the traditional shearing process, the soft and ultra-fine fibers are carefully separated from the coarser granular hairs and undergo an elaborate manual washing process. This is followed by the spinning of the velvety and wafer-thin yarns, which in their appearance and fineness, are still genuinely divine.


When purchasing our vicuna products, you will be given a certificate of authenticity.


Vicuna scarf

Probably the most precious natural fiber in the world is masterly woven and finished to an impressive scarf in Peru. The unique fineness of the vicuna fiber is the secret of its unsurpassed quality. The softness and lightness of the scarf are exquisite and beyond compare. Each of our vicuna scarves come with a certificate of authenticity in a high-quality wooden box. Our vicuna scarf is made of 100% pure and most beautiful vicuna fiber, resulting in an elegant and timeless scarf for eternity.

Dimensions: 29 x 187 cm (11.4″ W x 73.6″ L), including fringes
Weight: 159 g/5.6 oz
Color: Natural brown (vicuna), dark blue, black

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